That’s 1,100 parents with a new option on where to spend their money.

Apr 29, 2024

6:00 - woke up

7:30 - surf

10:00 - breakfast 

11:00 - first email check

12:00 - daily check in with Campbell

1:00 - call with 18Birdies founder 

2:00 - call with Emily (recycled material hats for MNML GOLFERS)

3:00 - went to the course to film MNML CORE Members

So this is cool. When we first launched MNML GOLF I had this idea of making it so that our customers would be able to have a “membership” that allowed them to get new bags at friends and family pricing for the rest of their lives. 

I know that sounds crazy but the idea is pretty sound. If we can make it a no-brainer for repeat customers to keep buying MNML GOLF bags, that means more bags in the world that are better for the planet. 

Since our bags are made from recycled materials, I feel a lot better knowing we got a sale rather than another manufacturer who is making bags from native, oil-based materials. 

AND, through our trade-it-forward program we are able to get more bags in the hands of underserved juniors. So far our customers have donated over 1,100 bags to the Southern California Golf Association Junior Foundation. 

That’s 1,100 parents with a new option on where to spend their money. As we all know, in the life of a junior golfer, there are tons of costs from tournament entry fees to lessons.. Even just playing a round of golf is an average of $20 for a junior. 

So I’m super excited to be launching the MNML CORE Membership that gives our more committed customers a reason to keep using MNML GOLF Bags. 

If you’re reading this you may already be a customer and if not, I hope this is somewhat enticing. 

We are doing things differently at MNML GOLF and I truly believe we can be one of the most impactful golf brands in the world with programs like this. 

5:00 - edited video 

7:00 - staff meeting / review first 150 pages of This is not a T Shirt

9:00 - edited 

11:00 - went live with A/B test of website

12:00am - tested and retested the new A/B test.

1:00 - bed

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