Our Mission

To create the best, most environmentally responsible golf products For the Player and For the Planet.

  • Customize your MR1 Eco Golf bag with a solar power bank to charge your phone on the golf course.
  • The MR1 Eco golf bag comes wtih a phone filming pocket that is iphone and android compatible.
  • Customize your Mr1 eco golf bag with a waterproof bluetooth speaker to listen to music while on the golf course.
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  • The MR1 sustainable golf bag was made from 40 recycled water bottles, making it a durable golf bag.
  • The MR1 eco golf bag has MNML GOLF's signature magnetic pocket closures.
  • The MNML GOLF MR1 eco golf bag was made with sustainability in mind.
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You can customize your new golf bag with hand painted artwork by our certified artists. Pictured, is Julian Wilson and his new, black MR1 sustainable golf bag with his Rivvia company logo hand painted on the ball pocket.

Customize Your Bag

Customize your new golf bag with hand-painted artwork by our certified artists.

MNML GOLF's Trade It Forward program works with the SCGA to donate your old golf bag  to a Junior golfer.

Our Trade-It-Forward Program

The Trade It Forward Program is about minimizing waste and helping others.

To date we've donated over 1100 golf bags to Junior Golfers in the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation.


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