Founder Files #1: Best Tips I Ever Got

For 15 years playing and coaching full time, Every time I came across a great player, I consistently asked the same question: “under pressure, is there one thing you can think of that you rely on?”.

I guess it makes sense that they all answered the same. I mean, we are talking about the same question asked to the most consistent golfers. Of course they answered it the same. But for me, the student, coach, and competitor, I was looking to hear different perspectives. When it came to the swing, it seemed that no matter what the question was, no player or coach could ever agree on the answer. But with this question, they all agree. 

So what did they answer? Rhythm. Or breathing. Or slowing down. Or visualization. But wait! That’s four things! Yes yes. That is correct. Those are four different answers. But they all mean the same thing. Under pressure, the best players all rely on one thing: a sensory mind

Think about it for a second. Can you intelligently or intellectually describe “rhythm”? How about a breath? Slowing down and visualizing are abstract expressions one does rather than says

As I learned more about the brain and the unique processes and frequencies of thought and expression, I understood that the best performers in sport - or any neuromuscular endeavor- are experts at tuning in to the frequency of elite action

Cool. But how does this apply to you? I’ll tell you. But, you’ll have to experience it for yourself in order to fully understand it. 

  1. The brain frequency responsible for physical action is not the same as that for intellectual thought
  2. Tuning into the frequency of peak physical performance is learnable through practice and can be mastered in a relatively short time. 

If you want to see the method I use and teach to others, watch this video. 

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