Sustainability And The Modern Golfer

Sustainability And The Modern Golfer

In an era of ever-increasing virtual experiences, we have started appreciating our “real-world” outings in a new light. We are appreciating our planet like never before. Maybe what they say is true: “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. Or maybe, and it’s already happening, we will make some changes before it’s too late.

Whether you’re a golfer, climber, skater, surfer, you have undoubtedly seen the effects of an economy based on consumerism; trash on the beach, golf course chemicals seeping into fresh-water lakes, plastic waste on your favorite hike. The “problem” is unavoidable. Thankfully there are solutions. 

From the micro to the macro, individuals and businesses are taking action. As a golfer and surfer, I’ve made it part of my daily routine to “pick up three” - pick up at least three pieces of plastic from the beach - every time I surf.

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