In the first three days of the job posting we got over 650 applicants.

April 30, 2024

6:00 - woke up

8:00 - first email

12:00 - daily check in with Campbell

1:00 - John Kennelly call

In January, as we were struggling with the loss of sales over the holiday season due to low site conversion, I decided our biggest chance at major growth (and revenue) would be in partnerships and collaborations. I set out on a linkedin search for someone who fit with our team. 

In the first three days of the job posting we got over 650 applicants. I know that many of those came from ai just automatically applying. But, from Friday to Sunday I received over 100 private messages inquiring about the role. 

I sent everyone an invite to book 15 minutes on my calendar. I got 68 appointments. I interviewed them all - but not in a typical interview way. I asked each one of them to tell me what they wanted their days to look like. Like, what time would you like to get out of bed? Then what? Make coffee? Walk your dog? Call your Mom? What do you want to do every day in the next few years?

Most had a hard time with this. They still thought they needed to talk about work. But we got the bottom of it and it was really fun. I learned that most people just want a way more relaxed daily life. Wake up around 7-8, make coffee and chill, get into work around 9, take a break and get outside around 12, then spend a couple more hours on work. Done by 4 or 5. I love that. I’m a big advocate of the 5 hour work day. Two super solid hours in the morning (when you’re ready) and then three more in the afternoon - less priority work always in the afternoon. 

So along the way I met John. And along the way it started to become more and more apparent that we would need to raise a little capital if we were going to add this new team member.. We just weren’t hitting our forecast. 

I didn’t feel comfortable raising money for the role and told John that we would need more time before we were ready to hire someone. He said, “well, what should I do about the meeting I scheduled this week?”. He had already started working on partnerships before I even told him he had a job. 

Honestly, at first I was a little nervous about it. I didn’t tell him he was hired. I hadn’t introduced him to the team. In fact, I told the team that we wouldn’t be hiring that position. 

And now he had a meeting with a major company to discuss a partnership. 

But, f*%k it, we need the partnership. And I kind of like that this guy is in push mode. 

So we took the meeting together. I told John that I just couldn’t justify paying him and he said he’d work on commission. 

Problem solved. 

So a few months have gone by and we are partnering with The First Tee to help get more donated golf bags in the hands of underserved juniors. Pretty cool. Thanks John.

Funny thing; when I was in STL, coaching full time, I donated time in the summer to coaching for The First Tee. I told John that and he mentioned he did the same thing :) 

Kinda cool. Welcome to the team John. 

2:00 - 18Birdies meeting

3:00 - meeting with Ben from HIGHLIGHT

4:00 - meeting with Justin about MNML GOLF CLUB and having a No33 pop-up

5:00 - groceries with girl 

6:30 - dinner

7:30 - 18Birdies call

9:00 - 18Birdies call

10:00 - bed

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