Rules of making money as a golf coach: #1 - Be available #2 - Care (really care about helping your student)

May 3, 2024

5:45 - woke up

6:30 - email check

7:15 - surf

11:00 - 18Birdies call

12:00 - Campbell check in

1:00 - Axel weekly check in

2:00 - Rob weekly check in

3:00 - Alex weekly check in

Being an entrepreneur is easy. You work for yourself. Every decision you make is for you and your business. 

Don’t want to work Saturday, fine. Don’t want to start work before 11am, all good. But then that’s not what you hear from all the entrepreneurs out there. 

What you hear is more like, “I work 50 hours a week.”, “The business never sleeps.”... When you own your own business, it’s easy to get pulled into the weeds on every single thing and when you’re not making a lot, you can’t afford not to. You can’t pay someone to make your website. You can’t afford health insurance. Sometimes you can barely pay your rent. 

In our weekly call yesterday, Alex told me he’d had a slow month. Alex is our head pro at the club in Redondo. He teaches lessons. We don’t pay him and he doesn’t give us a cut of his lessons. His job is to give as many lessons as he can and in turn it will drive traffic and memberships at the club. Most of the time it works out pretty well.

But there are times when the lesson faucet turns off. For whatever reason, the walk-ins are fewer and the referrals are less often and you just slow down. April was one of those times for Alex.

He needed about $2k to cover his monthly bills and it was a couple days after the 1st. I’ve known Alex since he was like 11 years old. I taught him golf back in Missouri. He’s a great human and has become a great coach. I truly value his presence at the club and so when he reached out for a helping hand, I naturally offered a loan. But there were conditions. Not because I need them but because Alex needs them. Really, we all need them. 

Rules of making money as a golf coach:

#1 - Be available

#2 - Care (really care about helping your student)

That’s it. You can’t teach if you aren’t there. And when you teach, if you don’t care you won’t help your student. They won’t come back and they won’t refer you.

Alex has #2 in abundance. When it comes to #1, he was falling a little short.

We did some math and found that for every 10 free lessons he gives, his conversion of that free lesson to a paid lesson in the future is about 70%. 

So knowing that, and knowing he needed to make about $5k next month to cover his bills and pay me back, we determined that he needed to sign up 3 free lessons a day (6 days a week) for the remainder of May. If he did that he’d convert 50 paid lessons (average lesson rate $100/hr) for a total of $5000.

To sign up three free lessons per day he needed to do three things.

  1. Be at the club every day for at least 6 hours (including weekends)
  2. Give the crew his physical lesson calendar so they could sign people up when he wasn’t there.
  3. Put a sign out front saying LESSONS (possibly FREE LESSONS). 

That’s it. Oh and he had to report to me every day on the number of hours he was at the club and the number of free lessons he signed up.


4:30 - read

5:30 - dinner

9:00 - bed

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