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MNML GOLF Eco Golf Towel

MNML GOLF Eco Golf Towel

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Responsibly made using 100% recycled materials.

We wanted to make something we were proud of, something lasting, and something that aligned with our values around innovation and sustainability. After a bit of R&D, testing, and design, the MNML Golf Towel was created.  It's a waffle-style fabric made from RPET and has a minimal design that speaks volumes. The center and outer loop serve as two ways to attach the towel to your golf bag while out on the course and can be machine washed and dried after use. The MNML Golf Towel is just the beginning of a line of sustainable products we've created and we're excited for you to get ahold of one.

L: 37" x W: 20"
Quick-dry RPET (Recycled Polyethylene)
Hanging Loop

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