Meet MR1

Where tech and innovation meet sustainability.

We are dedicated to innovation, utility, preservation, and simplicity.

Through these guiding principles, beauty in product and design is inevitable.

Material And Design

100% GRS Recycled Material - Recycled Ripstop - a fabric of thick, interwoven reinforcement threads, making this bag more durable than ever while still coming in at a nice 5.5lbs.

40 plastic water bottles are recycled to make one MR1. That’s 40 fewer plastic bottles in the ocean, the parks , and the landfills. We’re protecting the planet, one golf bag at a time.

Filming Pocket

Your personal filmer on a bag. Film your swing with ease. Great for practice and immediate feedback - watch your swing, play it back and see where you need work. Film, watch, learn, repeat.

iPhone and Android compatible.

This is MNML GOLF's MR1 sustainable golf bag, in white, featuring our magnetic ball pocket closure and solar power bank.

Solar Power Bank + Charger

The solar power bank is clutch when your phone or speaker is on its last bar. It’s solar powered so no need for an outlet. Take it anywhere. It’s tucked away nicely, safe from the elements and plugs into your phone easily.

iPhone and Android compatible.

MNML GOLF makes sustainable golf bags with a magnetic thermal pocket to hold your drinks.

Magnetic Pocket Closures

Zippers are the number one failure on bags and clothing. Once they break, it’s another bag piled into a landfill. These magnets will retain their utility hundreds of years longer than a zipper. They cost more, but for the good of the planet, we’ll take it any day. Plus, you’ll keep your bag longer.

this is the mr1 recycled material golf bag, in white, with our bluetooth speaker displayed.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You and your friends can enjoy your music while you play. Waterproof and attaches easily to the bag so you don’t need to worry about losing or forgetting it. 8hr battery life for maximum enjoyment on the course or range.


A Word From Our Founder: Model MR1