MV2 Golf Bag


  • 5lbs (standard for carry/stand bags)
  • Lightweight Microsuede Material
  • Internal Stand Mechanism
  • 4-Way Divider (two full-length)
  • Magnetic Pocket Closures
  • Thermal Pocket (up to 5, 16oz bottles or 6 12oz cans)
  • New range-finder pocket and filming pocket

Solar Power-bank for iPhone or android phone charging
100% waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with an 8 hr battery life.

West Coast customers will receive in 48 hours, Midwest in 2-4 days, East Coast in 4-6.


*International duties not included or covered.

RETURN THE BAG WITHIN 7 DAYS UNUSED AND WE’LL REFUND YOUR PURCHASE PRICE MINUS SHIPPING COSTS. Customized bags with a logo, initials, or artwork of any kind and international orders are non-refundable.

The MV2 Golf Bag is truly innovative and unique. We’ve reengineered the side pockets and ball pockets to create wider openings and more storage. The lightweight microsuede material has MV2 coming in at 5.5 lbs. It features insanely comfortable backpack-style straps and comfortably carries 14 clubs. Whether you’re playing 9, 18, or 36 holes, stay charged, hydrated, tread lightly, and record/share your experience by adding on the tech kit.

Initials and Logo orders will be responded to promptly to coordinate colors, sizes, etc.

Initials fee includes up to 5 initials (Get up to 8 letters for an additional $20). The logo fee includes one hour of hand-painted artwork. Intricate designs may require additional time. A quote will be given along with the mockup design for your approval.

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40 reviews for MV2 Golf Bag

  1. Roberto on

    "Love my bag! The phone charger has been the most clutch for me."

  2. Loren W. on

    "Absolutely love the bag. Will be buying another one in black for my wife."

  3. Aldo R. on

    "I have had the bag for over a year and absolutely love the bag. It’s sleek and the magnetic pockets are awesome. It’s super easy to clean and it’s enough space for my clubs."

  4. Elsa W. on

    "I am really enjoying my bag, it is well made and well designed."

  5. Benjamin W. on

    "I love this bag so much! I carry and so this bag is perfect for me."

  6. Whit G. on

    "Love the bag, get compliments all the time. Got my neighbor to purchase one also."

  7. Paul B. on

    "Love the bag. Artwork looks great. Construction of the bag is great. The solar charger and speaker awesome. The design integration on the solar is beautiful."

  8. Kevin M. on

    "Bag is easy to carry, love the pockets and the design features."

  9. Anthony I. on

    "An amazing bag. Always get compliments on it."

  10. Tanner W. on

    "Loving the bag so far! The single strap feels great! Love the pockets and the ease of getting stuff out of them."

  11. Chris S. on

    "I love the look and quality of the bag, the magnetic pockets are also a great touch."

  12. Best Golf Item I Have!

    Paul on

    "I love it! It’s the best golf item I have!"

  13. Sleek and Clean

    Lou on

    "I love my bag! The sleek look and magnetic pockets are definitely my favorite things."

  14. Fashionable and Techy

    Vincent on

    "Not only sleek and fashionable, but I consider myself a minimalist at heart and your mission struck a chord with me. The charging ports and speaker are an added bonus, and having magnetic clasps rather than zippers is very convenient."

  15. Love the tech and magnetic pockets

    John on

    "I love the look of it, the no zip design and the Bluetooth speaker which will serve me well when I am practicing in the evening in Scotland. So far my only complaint is that I didn’t get a black one as well."

  16. Wish I Used It More

    Keith on

    "I like my bag a lot. I wish I used it more (i.e. played more golf)."

  17. Best Bag Out There

    Eden on

    "I love my bag Don’t think I will ever go back to any other brand!"

  18. Magnetic Pockets are clutch!

    David on

    "I like the magnetic pocket closures and the bag material as it was good in the rain and to clean."

  19. Everything About My Bag is amazing

    Jay on

    "I love everything about my V2 bag"

  20. Easy to clean and reliable

    Guy on

    "My white bag looks great – The material is easy to clean and looks great after a year of use on a push cart and riding cart."

  21. My son loves it!

    Michael on

    "It was a gift for my son – he loved it!"

  22. Enjoying My Bag

    Frank on

    "I’m enjoying my golf bag."

  23. No zippers is my favorite feature!

    Adam on

    "I love that there are NO zippers and a generous top easily access my clubs"

  24. Perfect for the casual 9 or 18

    Austin on

    "The bag is amazing and perfect for a casual 9 or 18 walking, or even taking it on a cart"

  25. New Ball Pocket and Straps are my favorite

    David on

    "Bag has been great. Really enjoy the new bag straps, the improved pockets in general and the new ball pocket specifically."

  26. I like my bag

    Melissa on

    "Overall, I really like my bag."

  27. A+ Bag

    Ryan on

    "You guys freaking killed it. I could go on and on about how sweet this bag is"

  28. Best Golf Product I've Ever Purchased

    Tyler on

    "The MNML bag is the first bag that actually changed the golf bag. Not just moving pockets but actual value added design for the user. Hands down, this is the best golf product I’ve ever purchased"

  29. Love Everything About My Bag

    Doug on

    "I love everything about the bag"

  30. Loving My Bag

    Alan on

    "Loving the bag, hope to visit your place in Redondo next week."

  31. Love!

    Jared on

    "I love love love the bag!"

  32. Very aesthetic and practical

    Kim on

    "Overall, I like the aesthetics very much and most of the practical dimensions are sufficient."

  33. A+ Bag & Customer Service

    Chris on

    "I love this bag and the attention that you pay to your customers."

  34. Brings Me So Much Joy

    Blake on

    "You’ve designed one of the greatest golf bags of all time thus far. I’m absolutely in love with this bag and it simply brings me great joy every time I use it (which is everyday)!"

  35. Best Bag Ever!

    Paul on

    "Best bag I’ve ever owned"

  36. Lightweight, sleek, and sturdy!

    Kyle on

    "The MV2 is a great product. Love how it carries and the weight. I also like the sleek look of the bag. Its the perfect afternoon 9 bag. I’m pretty rough on it and it’s holding up extremely well. It goes out 5 to 6 days a week for practice."

  37. Amazing!

    Guillermo on

    "Bag is amazing!"

  38. Great Bag For My Son and I

    Ed on

    "I love the bag and promote it whenever I can. I did buy two, and my son, who is now in Newport Beach is a big fan"

  39. Beautiful and Minimal

    Janet on

    "My bag is beautiful, and I like my minimal, yet distinctive initials painted on it, the tech package and the magnetic pockets."

  40. Love My Custom Artwork

    Nate on

    "I love the bag. The look is great. The custom logo of my club I had you guys out on is awesome. The stand is great. I’ve had other bags where the stand never stood a chance (no pun intended)."

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