If someone tells you that you can’t

Apr 25, 2024

Yesterday went like this.

5:00 - Wake up, Press outfit, drive to course

6:15 - Arrive, film 18Birdies videos at BQN golf course 7-11

11:30 - Meeting with Campbell

12:30 - Meeting with RYP about MNML, 18Birdies 

2:30 - Meeting with Campbell and K … Got a little defensive about MNML and our values. Explained that we are not like other brands. Explained that MNML Can be #1 - better than the best - at least in golf bags. 

Listened to him give advice about how to set “realistic expectations”. 

He gave the example of Aaron Baddeley saying he wanted to be #1 in the world and how the CEO of Cobra said afterwards that Aaron needed to realize that there were about 2000 other amazing golfers who also wanted that. 

This is the kind of stuff that you hear all the time.. You shouldn’t be aiming for #1 because it’s just too hard. This is the kind of thinking that kills dreams. At the end of the day it reflects their belief in themselves and that comes from a lifetime of influence and evidence. 

If someone tells you that you can’t be number one because it’s too hard, and you get second place in a tournament, that evidence supports the statement the person made. Not your belief. So this keeps happening because yeah, being number one is hard. A lot of people want it. 

So you keep playing trying to be number one and you keep coming up short. And the more voices, the ones you trust, the more voices you hear telling you that it’s too hard, and the more times you fail, the more you build a belief - supported by evidence - that you can’t do it. 

Once that belief is ingrained, you’re done. You can’t be number one because you truly believe you can’t. You stop truly intending to be #1 because why intend something you know you can’t achieve. 

So after that call I reminded myself of all the people I look up to who believe(d) in themselves and how they were able to break all the records because of it. If you are one of those people talking about setting "realistic expectations", you might ask yourself if anyone who does something truly great is setting realistic expectations. But that's not my business. Taking MNML GOLF to #1 in golf bags is my business. 

4:30 - Surf

7:00 - Meeting about website comparison

8:00 - Email

9:30 - Bed

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