Discretionary Spending?

Is golf – should golf be considered – discretionary spending? I propose not.    There are two key reasons I’m considering this question. The first is relatively obvious. The second is what I hope to dig a little deeper into. It may change the way you think about this game you play. Part One: Owning …

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In defense of golf

Can you work while you play? What is work? When is work? After you read this you’ll see that you should be golfing and that golfing is good for your job. In my best Ben Matlock voice:  “Your Honor, I’m going to prove that my client was not only working yesterday –  while playing 18 …

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Best tips I ever got

Best tips I ever got. For 15 years playing and coaching full time, Every time I came across a great player, I consistently asked the same question: “under pressure, is there one thing you can think of that you rely on?” I guess it makes sense that they all answered the same. I mean, we …

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